Non-formal education

Non-formal education at the Lyceum is based on providing children with a wide range of knowledge and developing their physical and mental abilities. From the wide range of non-formal education on offer, we select only those that are led by professional non-formal education leaders - experts in their field, people who love what they do.

For the 2023-2024 school year, we offer chess, vocal studio, robotics, karate, swimming, dance, golf, IQ, ukulele, basketball, physiotherapy, entrepreneurship education, photography, art and ceramics, which take place immediately after school and are available until 18:00.

Dance group

"My name is Darija and dance has been with me for about 10 years. I dance in Alla Duchava's dance studio Todes, in a concert group, in seminars and in January I finished an intensive coaching course. I have accumulated quite a lot of knowledge and experience to share with your children," says the teacher.

It includes flexibility training, body strengthening exercises, learning movement elements and choreographies, developing choreographic memory and musicality.

Vocal Studio

The group is designed to develop the musical abilities of pupils in grades 0-4 and to have fun after school. By playing music together, students will get to know and perform different genres of music and gain experience in stage culture.

During the classes, the voice is developed: the correct breathing necessary for singing is taught, attention is paid to intonation, the sense of rhythm and musical hearing, and, of course, creativity. At the same time, the culture of the stage is not forgotten: how to behave on stage, how to overcome stage fright. You also learn how to accompany yourself on an instrument.

EIQ Academy

Children learn about numbers and numeracy through the world-renowned NUMICON learning programme. It is a mathematical counting methodology that is special because children learn to understand numbers through practice, touch, images and play. "NUMICON tools help you to see and touch the result of an arithmetic operation, making it much easier to remember and perform arithmetic operations.

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The group is led by the charismatic Andrius Mulevičius, who has been working as a chess coach for more than 15 years. Andrius' students range in age from 2 to 75 years old, and can boast significant achievements in the chess community. He himself is a participant and winner of various chess competitions and duels. Chess is a great way to develop strategic thinking and winning qualities.


Classes are taught by teachers visiting from the Robotics Academy.  

Meaningful today, meaningful tomorrow!
Teachers who love their work and are dedicated to children.
State-of-the-art LEGO Education robots and Ipad tablets.
More interesting and useful content than computer games.

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Denis Balinski is the head of the Karateka Karate Club, and Lukas Čiulkinas, a 2nd degree black belt, leads the classes. He is a multiple champion and prize winner of Lithuanian traditional karate do. 4 years of coaching experience. Currently studying at Vilnius Gediminas Technical University and is a 2nd year Master student.

The aim of Karate for Kids is to introduce the traditional art of karate in the form of a game, to strengthen the child's physical and mental qualities, concentration and coordination, to develop the character of a winner and the desire to compete.

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Swimming pool

It's great fun and sport - children learn how to swim in one of the most modern swimming pools in Lithuania - the pool of the Fitus Sports Club. Pupils travel safely and conveniently to their lessons in the Lyceum's transport and are supervised by a responsible teacher. We invite you to try and learn how to swim or improve your skills in the water.


The ceramics group is led by Gvidas Raudonius, a member of the Lithuanian Artists' Union. The artist actively participates in exhibitions in Lithuania and abroad. Gvidas's ceramic works have been acquired by many Lithuanian and foreign museums and private individuals. The artist works in his studio and organises ceramics courses for children and adults, so this is a great opportunity to discover the charm of ceramics not only for children but also for their parents.

Ukulele group

The group is designed to develop musical abilities and have fun after school. The work takes place in a group. By playing music together, the pupils get to know and perform different genres of music, and gain experience in stage culture. The leader of the group is music teacher Eirimas Velička.


It's quite possible that you have talents you never knew you had, or if you don't (although contemporary art can be created by people who don't know how to draw), you might have a good time here and learn a bit more about art, maybe you'll make some friends or just have fun with paints, because art is a fun and often very entertaining thing to do. Don't believe me? Give it a try! Classes are led by Aistė Kisarauskaitė, performance and installation artist, writer.


Justė Bikinaitė gained her work experience not only in one of the largest clinics in Lithuania, VUL Santaros, but also in Croatia. Currently she works with children aged 2-6 years. During the physiotherapy sessions Justė: - Applies exercises aimed at the formation of correct posture skills and prevention of flat feet; - Focuses on training flexibility, balance, coordination, strength and endurance; - Carries out tests and evaluations of the children's physical characteristics three times a year; - Shares the results of the tests, the progress and the recommendations of the professional with parents.

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